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Perşembe 09.Ocak.2020 - 12:20 ÖÖ
Referans Paris

Written By: Dr.Ahmed Youssef 

Three years ago, at the time, dr. Al-Nabah at the Egyptian Consulate General in Paris, Serenade Jamil. I met Abd al-Rahim Ali. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Paris. 

He wants to cooperate with me.
Abdul Rahim Ali was aware of the Arab media problem and the cultural presence in Europe. And the attack of the Islamic militancy, the international organization of the Brotherhood, does not stop day and night against the Arab regimes. and other Arab countries. 

The Latin Quarter, which took an indisputable journey through the narrow streets of the famous Montmartre district, where great French artists and painters were the French singer of the leading Egyptian Dalida.

Our vision is to become a global research platform in the Middle East. Arab reality. 

The first-generation Arab thinkers who came to Paris, such as Taha Hussein, the wealth of Imam Muhammad Abdo and Okasha, Farouk Hosni and the great ambassadors of Mahmoud Fakhry Pasha, Hafiz Ismail, Ali Maher and distinguished media members Ali Al Samman. And the judge. And the list goes on and on.
Abdul Rahim Ali began to mobilize all the efforts of the Al-Bawaba News. Three years later, it became one of the most important political and strategic research centers in Europe. In addition to Cairo and Paris, we went from Paris to organized seminars in Geneva, Munich, Strasbourg and Geneva. 

The center's board of directors, Western research centers, parliaments and press clubs were permanent guests to Europe. It is planned to establish branches in both London and New York. In addition to the establishment of an office for the headquarters in Hamburg. 
When Abdel-Rahim Ali invited me to eat at the office,

For this reason, he wants to create publications in French. 

The Al-Bawaba Foundation and its twins, for the first time in the Arabian and Egyptian press, became Simo, which looked like an aircraft carrier that did not sail the deck of the carrier from France and Europe to fight the ships. The concern was Abdul Rahim Ali.

In this scheme, we set out in stages, and in the course of the study. From the famous writer of Figaro, George Malbrunnu, Christian Shino and French television enters. Among them is the great writer Alexander Delval, a regular guest on French TV news programs.

The alarm of the Turkish media, religious and economic rape in Europe. Emmanuel Razavi, Bomb, author of "Qatar, Forbidden Facts". Alexander Delval and Emmanuel Razavi, "The Project", which revolves around the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Roland Lombardi's book on The Arab Spring and the withdrawal of France's political role abroad. "

In addition, our most famous expert on religious violence movements, Roland Jacquard, and his books on bin Laden and Al Qaeda, still translate into dozens of live languages ​​and make big sales. 
Finally, on the portal, young researchers and the research center in Paris, Joachim Feliocas, an enthusiastic and distinguished researcher in the world, has a tremendous ability to collect and analyze data, a computer of numbers and dates.

The Middle East Center The Middle East Center The Middle East Center The Middle East Center The Middle East Center The Middle East Center . And it is a bridge that crosses ideas and cultures from Paris to the Middle East and vice versa. 

Even the famous French writer and General de Gaulle's expression applies to  him " Andre Marlo